Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Facebook censors Political Blogs.

My blog and others are being blocked by Facebook. Coincidence? Don't think so.

I'm hoping to hear from others silenced by corporate conservatives at Facebook, and a possible legal remedy. Any help? They have offered no response or reason for the ban. No defense.

The work around is this:

A while back I agreed to share my posts with “Before its News,” where all my posts are ending up. You can link to that. If the whole story isn't there just click the link to my blog. 
Here it is:  Click this.
Or just do a search at Before its News.

1 comment:

  1. So just why did Americans (and I guess the rest of the world) decide to post their bowel habits and all kinds of personal info/identifies directly to a CIA website anyhow?

    NOTE: This is NOT just an onion joke -

    Facebook, IMHO, has done more to destroy the community that is needed to mobilize meaningful actions (especially boycotts) than anything else.

    In Madison, for example, people with large facebook followings assumed they could post grandiose plans for massive events where the Facebook owner would be the director and all followers would be actors on the stage...

    And it didn't work (i.e. turning the square into a massive monopoly board)

    I acknowledge social media is a tool with great potential -- but it is not actually enabling what people have proclaimed it would create.

    And now they are banning one side of the political perspective? (which I think you are trying to point out).

    I just never got it and hope that the world/U.S. will move away from that sleezy scam-artists site.