Monday, October 14, 2013

Dumb Ron Johnson says; See how bad things are now, do you still want guys like me running your government?

We're now at the desperate point where guys like Dumb Ron Johnson have made government so dysfunctional, that their only message is "see, now don't you really hate government? We told you so."

Throughout his interview with Upfront's Mike Gousha, Johnson pleaded with viewers to hate government, hold politicians accountable for their irresponsible actions (he had the balls to exclude himself this time), and get ready for pretty much the same crap-o-la in the months to come.

If anything, Dumb Ron Johnson is really making the case for voters to fire guys like him, politicians who's mantra is "right now we are going down the tubes." Yeah, he actually said that.
Dumb Ron Johnson: "I've been been here almost 3 years now, this place, this...this alternate universe, is broken, it's dysfunctional. It's going to be difficult if not impossible to fix." 
Let's get serious and fix this near impossible problem: Fire Dumb Ron Johnson:

This former accountant, who married into a million dollar business, thinks we should fund this massive government piecemeal, a few bills at a know, as problems come up. Most adults would find this suggestion idiotic.

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