Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Man without Conscience, Paul Ryan, ironically pushing Conscience Clause.

Paul Ryan is at it again.

I've always maintained that the “conscience  clause” is the biggest threat to law and order in this country than most people realize. It leaves a person’s freedoms up to the discretion of another person’s conscience-their belief system, fears and prejudices.

“Laws” passed with a conscience clause neutralizes meaningful law. It creates a voluntary law, which fits into the conservative view that if it's a law they don’t like, they don’t need to follow it.

That’s what Paul Ryan is trying to introduce into our society, voluntary laws, allowing others to infringe on the constitutional rights of others. Ryan's conscience clause negates the First Amendment:
MSNBC: There’s been little public talk lately about the so-called “conscience clause” allowing employers to reject birth control coverage for their employees. But according to the Washington Post, Paul Ryan, is still hammering away at it behind closed doors. At the Values Voter Summit, the USCCB’s powerful lobbyist acknowledged that “the only way to get the Senate to deal with” contraception coverage is getting it “attached to must-pass legislation” … When a previous version of the clause, known as the Blunt amendment, died in the Senate in 2012, Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski disavowed her vote for the amendment, saying, “Back home, it was being viewed as a direct attack on women’s reproductive rights, on their ability to access contraception.”  

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