Friday, October 18, 2013

Walker gets Democrats to pass his cheap political tax cut stunt.

Are the Democrats crazy? What the hell did they just do? My god….
WaPo: That was fast. Just four days after its introduction, a bill to cut $100 million in Wisconsin property taxes is on its way to becoming law. The Senate passed the bill 28 to 5 on Tuesday, while the Assembly passed it 82 to 12 on Thursday.
Democrats voted for a ridiculously small tax cut so Scott Walker can claim bipartisanship? Really guys?
Democratic Sen. Tim Cullen criticized the package … “What we’re doing is trying to help a governor get elected,” Cullen said.
Ya think? Democrats even had cover voting no when they offered a well thought out amendment:
Democrats proposed an amendment that would have resulted in a real property tax cut for middle class families, but it was defeated.
The Post article did point out:
The $725 million deficit going forward is not “insurmountable,” Jon Peacock, the director of the policy think tank the Wisconsin Budget Project wrote this week in a critical post about the cut. But it would be better spent on offsetting bonds the state has issued in recent years or increasing the state’s minimum budget balance, he said.
Here’s the Walker talking point for his reelection and presidential run:
Like it or not, though, Wisconsin did something that feels increasingly rare at the federal level: (Rep. Robin Vos said) It’s “getting things done. While Washington is mired in dysfunction and debt, overspending and over-promising, Wisconsin is going in a different direction.” 
 Is there a competitive bone in the Democratic Party? This was the headline in the conservative Wisconsin State Journal:
Little to no tax relief expected for property owners in 82 school districts.


  1. isn't this great -- in wisconsin we can vote for one party that wants to divide and conquer us.

    The other party joins them and the media wingnut echo-chamber proclaims it is GOOD because now the divide and conquer is BIPARTISAN!

    We are stuck with the 2 crappy parties -- neither of which represent Wisconsin values nor its citizens.

    But the bigger problem is the media which enabled the divide and conquer in the first place.

    One does have to wonder about the quality of our schools if the public is really this stooooooopid.

    Just saying...