Sunday, October 20, 2013

Remember the Gun Rally?

I loved this lunatic comment at today’s gun rally of misplaced priorities at the Alamo.
NBC News: Hundreds of gun-rights advocates, many toting rifles and shotguns, gathered early Saturday at the Alamo in San Antonio … with remarks from organizers: “We aren't here to start a war today,” one said, according to the San Antonio News-Express. “We are here to show that an armed society is a polite society."
Yea, and waving load rifles around is polite. Who feels safe around a stranger(s) carrying or waving loaded guns for god’s sake? Society has moved toward madness because we didn't say no to the juvenile ranting’s of irresponsible “adults.”

Of course guns don’t add to the threat of violence:
Open Carry Texas President C.J. Chivers told the crowd "(The San Antonio Police Department) is no longer going to be messing with us," Victoria Montgomery, public relations manager with Open Carry Texas said.
Yes, she’s one of those juvenile adults, who isn’t afraid to flaunt it by advocating….
She is in favor of openly carrying a weapon in schools, restaurants and churches.
Just brilliant.


  1. The term "hoplophobe" is used to describe a person who lives in fear of an inanimate object. That would be you.

  2. All the gun-waving amongst Republican Tea-baggers makes them look an awful lot like Hezbollah. If hundreds of Progressives held a demonstration carrying loaded firearms they would be called terrorists.

    The odds that something will go terribly wrong at one of these militant displays of idiocy are increasing dramatically. If one person in the crowd discharges their weapon by accident, what happens next? It would make for a great Youtube video though.

  3. Hoplophobe? You have to be a half wit to buy into this silly talking point.

    For example: I guess I would a hoplophobe, in fear of a tank, or missile, biological agent...if it's just sitting there on the ground. Hey, nothing to worry about right?

    Oh yea, people pick things up to use these inanimate objects. What a surprising twist, huh?