Thursday, October 17, 2013

Common Core continues to get Rave Reviews, despite the Republicans secret plan to Trash it.

I have to admit, Common Core has made a noticeable difference in the way my kids are learning. 

Where I think my efforts to make them critical thinkers worked, Common Core has put that thinking on steroids. And what I’ve heard from the teachers so far is support of that deeper style of learning. Check out this letter from the Fond du Lac School District here.

At another Republican “just for show” public hearing, they know what they’re going to do regardless, supporters of Common Core turned out with arguments that you know deep down inside make sense:
Fallreporter: Advocates and opponents alike packed the legislative chambers at the Fond du Lac County Government Center … Pewaukee School Superintendent JoAnn Sternke testified that students in the Pewaukee School District have thrived under the more rigorous academic standards since they were implemented last year. “We’ve already seen an increase in students going on to 2 and 4 year colleges jump from 70 to 93 percent.” Tamara Maxwell, English Language Arts consultant at the Department of Public Instruction testified “The demands of our colleges will be met as these standards provide a seamless transition to career and college upon students’ graduation.”

Manitowoc parent Lisa Johnston said her son is already reaping the benefits of a more demanding curriculum. “I can see a noticeable improvement in my son’s math skills to the point where he is thinking and reasoning at a much higher level,” Johnson said.

North Fond du Lac Superintendent Aaron Sadoff said the latest controversy surrounding the implementation of the new educational guidelines is partly driven by misinformation. “Many think Common Core Standards were forced upon our state in a sneaky way. This is far from the truth,” Sadoff said. “Common Core Standards have been implemented and shared for the past three years but now because of the lies and mistruths, people are purposely being mislead and subjected to scare tactics and are now energized to disagree with an initiative that’s already helping schools to improve including the school district of North Fond du Lac.” Sadoff said the new academic guidelines will only improve education in Wisconsin. “I don’t see the common core standards and what’s going on in our schools as experimentation,” Sadoff said. “I see it as trying to get better every day for every child wherever they are in their learning journey.”
Here’s one dissenter, who inadvertently took a shot at her Republican representatives, who seem to have no grasp of Common Core. That goes for those overlord school board members who happily don’t need their teachers input anymore, including their teachers "secret" work and adoption of Common Core:

Eden parent Nadine Krahn said she was shocked by how little people knew about the implementation of the Common Core Standards. “The entire U.S. educational system is being transformed yet most parents, taxpayers, school board members and legislators didn’t even know what was happening,” Krahn said. “More alarming was that members of the school board were under the impression that these transformative standards are just benchmarks to shoot for.” Krahn  prompting her to pull them out of the public system last year. “The freedom provided by homeschooling has allowed me to choose curriculum that best suits our values and my children’s learning styles.” 

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