Monday, October 14, 2013

Mary Burke, governor candidate, didn't hesitate to make her case.

Wealthy Republican millionaires running for office are encouraged, if just for their monetary advantage. Even multibillionaires are more than welcome to join the team as long as they play sugar daddy enablers of completely unqualified right wing candidates.

WISGOP is in need of a bag to breath into, as they hyperventilate over the thought of making their failed governor look good against the likes of a business savvy Democrat. Especially when knucklehead Reince Priebus left behind a second rate crew to run the party.  

On Upfront with Mike Gousha, Mary Burke matter-of-factly stated her agenda, history, dashed GOP talking points, and took the high road to the governorship, giving up nothing.

As for Walker's bad budgeting:

There's more at Upfront, with the link above.


  1. Yes she handled herself well, but I heard nothing in the way of specifics about anything. She is seeming a little more at ease in front of the camera. Generic widespread appeal, problem solver, can be leader, grandfathered in as authentic WI citizen, moving education forward(? point to watch for) will work hard and balance the budget. Under the time constraints of an interview, I don't suppose we can expect much detail as to policies, this was meant as an early introduction to voters.

    Thanks for posting the clip for those of us without reliable TV signals.

  2. I may be the only liberal blogger supporting the entry of Mary Burke to the governors race, like I would also support Sen. Vinehout. I don't see any reason to oppose a Democratic candidate until I know what they stand for now, not based on a position they held in the past.