Sunday, October 27, 2013

Are Waukesha DA Schimel's conspiracy theories and Paranoia the right stuff for state Attorney General?

Waukesha DA and Tea Party Attorney General candidate Brad Schimel's head is filled with so many imaginary threats and demons that only he can save the public from their sizable menace.

From our state constitutional right to vote bearing some similarity to opening a post office box (?), to voter fraud:
Schimel: "The folks that are out to defraud the system, will probably continue to get away with it, because we can't have anyway of saying who they were when they voted."
He really did say that. And when WKOW's Greg Neumann asked how many cases of voter fraud he might have run across himself, wouldn't you know it, Republican rich Waukesha isn't the kind of community that would stoop to that kind of cheating:
Schimel: "In Waukesha County, we're not ground zero for voter fraud, we have very high voter turnout. It's tough to steal someones vote when they show up to vote themselves." 
Well I would stop looking then. And taking some strangers word that someone else voted for them, Schimel puts a lot of stock in hearsay:
Schimel: "We've had a number of them where, we've gotten a referral, for something that seems to be fraudulent, but we've been never able to track down who the person was."
Nuemann never let Schimel off the hook for his outright conspiracy theories and paranoia. This guy wants to be our next attorney general, holy crap:

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  1. actually, walkersha doesn't have "high" voter turnout, IT HAS IMPOSSIBLE VOTER TURNOUT and is GROUND ZERO for election fraud.