Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Coming soon...the addition of, the companion site!

This blog will remain unchanged, using Google's as its host. But soon, a mirror site will also be available to duplicate the postings here and work around the Facebook ban on liberal political blogs. Their lack of a response to any of my inquiries confirmed their partisan slant and outright intentional censorship. I would love to sue these bastards or at least have the option of a competitor but that's just wishful thinking right now.

I will have a tab at the top of the blog with a direct link to for easy access. It was too cheap to pass up. Now all I can do is hope it works.

I'm also working off a laptop while my new computer's motherboard or Intel chip is replaced. So yea, a few fires to put out on my end.

1 comment:

  1. One would think that any reliable NEWS organization, especially one who depends upon public support and is supposed to be presenting actual news (WPR - NPR) would, in response to this atrocious FaceBook phenomenon be dropping their association with the organization and pulling their FB pages. Same would seem to be a logical step for DPW and their county orgs also.

    Nothing says something like status quo corporatist like staying on FB unless there is a change