Friday, October 18, 2013's problems explained.

As I've already pointed out, I signed up at, but haven't been able to access Wisconsin's list of providers and plans. If they do anything else, they should give people a chance to shop before signing up. I would think that would be a plus.’s technical problems are frustrating, that’s true, but we can thank our Republican “divide and conquer” governor Scott Walker for that. All he had to do was set up our own state exchange instead of pout, but that would be "work," and we know conservatives become politicians so they don't have too. They're the real freeloaders. 

We could have been doing gangbusters right now, like many of the other states. It is infuriating, and it gives them an edge competitively when attracting businesses. Expanding Medicaid has also given many of the working poor a few extra dollars to spend, increasing consumer demand. But not here.

The Walker Authority is also quick to put out numbers based on pure guess work when it comes to sign ups, but that’s just to distract from the success other states are having with their own sites.  
PostCrescent: Wisconsin officials did their own survey and Insurance Commissioner Ted Nickel says fewer than 50 people were able to sign up through during the first week.

By comparison, in Minnesota, which is not relying on the federal website, some 5,500 people applied for coverage through its state website during the first two weeks, officials there said.
Walker’s supposedly clever plan to dump 95,000 BadgerCare recipients may have hit an unexpected bump in the road due to technical problems. Looks like Walker's "dependence on government" came back to bite him. 
Nickel said problems with the federal site could jeopardize efforts in Wisconsin to shift 95,000 people off Medicaid and help the estimated 500,000 uninsured in the state get covered by the Dec. 15 deadline to sign up for coverage starting Jan. 1.
So what about all those angry Americans who hate ObamaCare? Again, another GOP lie or just wishful thinking:
The White House said Wednesday that 17 million people had visited the site so far and the federal call center had fielded 560,000 calls. 
From MSNBC, this analysis on the technical glitches.

From Gallup, here's the latest public temp., proving how a constant stream of lies can even make normal people deny themselves health care:


  1. Well, at least there are only 50 morons living in Wisconsin including yourself.

    They don't want you to shop dingus. They want to control every aspect of your life.

    1. No, insurance companies don't want you to shop and have options. Too bad Obamacare actually gives people choices and chances to control their own destiny.

      You see, here in the above-ground world, Obamacare is well on its way to giving a whole lotta people a better chance to make it. Well, at least in states that give a crap about its people, like Minnesota, unlike ones run by psychopaths, like Wisconsin.

      YOU HAVE LOST. Deal with it, basement boy