Saturday, October 12, 2013

Republican stronghold Waukesha angry over GOP law allowing cellphone towers anywhere.

Remember my post about a new law that gives cell phone providers the freedom to locate their towers anywhere they want, regardless of citizen objections?
jsonline: Local governments can no longer deny wireless tower permits solely for aesthetic reasons, limit the height of towers to under 200 feet, or require that antennas and structures such as water towers be placed on public property. local governments may not enact ordinances prohibiting the placement of wireless towers in particular locations, and they may not impose environmental testing and monitoring requirements for radio frequency emissions.
Well, guess who's up in arms about the new law? Are they the same low information conservative voters who knew nothing about its passage? Did they hear anything about it on their local talk shows? No. Welcome to your ideological Utopia, Waukesha.
Patch: A proposed cell phone tower that could bring between $30,000 and $70,000 annual revenues to the School District of Waukesha has angered area residents because it would be built near the playground at Bethesda Elementary School, WISN 12 News is reporting.

Residents at a meeting spoke out against the 100-foot-tall AT&T cell tower because of health concerns, according to WISN 12 News.


  1. Hey morons we don't want a mine in our back yard endangering our families either.

    So stop whining. Stop voting for Walker and his thugs.

    it's about time you guys in Waukesha get screwed by Scottie boy.

    So my last words of wisdom.... sit on it and enjoy the ride pull out your cell and give Scottie a thank you call.

  2. Pfft... microwaves? That sounds all kinds of sciencey and stuff. What does it say about cell phone towers on school playgrounds in the bible?

    Gray is the goto guy on just about every pro-Act 10 piece of propaganda i've ever skimmed.