Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dumb Ron Johnson not only voted to Plunge Country into National Default, but he wished he was a Leprechaun! A look at his Damage.

Our freeloading, ego tripping loudmouth, Dumb Ron Johnson, wants to teach us all a big lesson in economics. Defaulting on our debt would have lowered our credit rating, resulting in much higher interest rates that taxpayers would end up paying for generations. Talk about a drag on the economy. We'd also see dramatic cuts in spending.

Yet, here's dummy shooting his mouth off again:

Johnson continues to blame a dysfunctional government since he became senator.

Oh, and Dumb Ron Johnson just said this on WMTJ radio:
“I wish we were leprechauns and there was a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, but that’s not reality." 
So what did Ron Johnson accomplish? Here's Chris Hayes with a look at the damage: 

I'd also like to include our state representatives as well voting for default: Reps. Paul Ryan, Sean Duffy, Tom Petri & Jim Sensenbrenner.


  1. I don't understand why more don't make this about the people BEHIND the cameras, microphones, and print media.

    As valuable as your information/posts are -- no one on the left seems to be willing to call out the vast propaganda network that gives johnson, walker, ryan, $omney and the tea-baggers a manufactured appearance of credibility.

    The few that are willing to make this about the media get directly undermined -- even slandered -- for telling the truth.

    FACT: No blogger has the reach to counteract the massive network of disinformation that blankets Wisconsin -- journal communications, lee enterprises, gannet, and clear channel.

    The you have towns like ripon and janesville that have media entirely controled by teabaggers (though locally owned).

    Real change will demand REAL solidarity -- this means we stand together and call out the media for the lie of "objective" journalist which operates as if reality and reasonably demonstrable facts do not matter.

    Surely you remember the screeching cries from the right last fall that it was somehow offensive to fact-check anything paul ryan or mitt $omney said.

    You constantly link to evidence that Wisconsin's media is letting the public down and clearly DOES NOT function as a "watchdog".

    But for some reason, well-meaning and informed people like yourself refuse to direct your justifible disappointment in the media towards the actual culprits.

    This does undermine and important dialog whether you want to admit it or not -- can't you be more direct as to the role of the media?

    Can't you do more than link to the propaganda without drawing a direct connection to how our democracy has become entirely undermind?

  2. Well, you're right about the media. But I have been beating up the media for a long time. Look at all the attention they gave the Republicans for just throwing a tantrum.

    You might think this was unjustified, but it also provided a lot of bad publicity for the GOP. So calling out the media is a constant here. Maybe not this story, but heck, I'm calling out Dummy, so what else could you want?