Wednesday, October 30, 2013

“Enough Already!” Casino opponents hate the idea of being a good corporate neighbor?

Ask a “free market” supporter why taxpayers should bribe companies to setup shop in their community, and you usually get a blank stare or hear some mumbo jumbo about the "job creators."

But when a corporate neighbor like the Menominee Tribe, with their proposed Kenosha Casino, reaches out to support the local area, conservatives start screaming bloody murder. Like Enough Already,! and this ridiculous headline in their press release:
Menominee Rewrites Playbook on “How to Buy Community Support”
Heaven forbid a business reaches out to their local communities instead of the other way around. Take a look at the Menominee's disgusting offer:
Tribe’s Countless Promises Help Drive Support : The Menominee Tribe has worked overtime to buy community support, in an extraordinary manner that has rewritten the rules of, “How to Buy Community Support.” Examples of the known support that the Menominee Tribe bought include:

A Unionized Casino—The tribe threw the doors of their desired casino open to union organizers, allowing them to employ “card check” a controversial means of unionization. Card check takes away secret balloting commonly used for considering unionization, and allows face-to-face intimidation tactics for approval. If built, this would be the first unionized casino in Wisconsin.

Making Friendly with the Neighbors—The Menominee Tribe has taken “being neighborly” to the nest level, and in doing so earned the support of Racine County Executive Jim Ladwig and other local elected officials. In exchange for Ladwig’s support, the Menominee Tribe has agreed to hire 15% of its workforce from Racine—an unheard of reverse-residency deal.
That’s bad? Any of this bad? The horrors of unionization and employment promises? There’s more:
A Tribe Flips to Support, Price Unknown—Initially, the Oneida Tribe hadn’t taken a position … In yet another backroom deal, the Menominee bought the Oneida’s support in a late-breaking backroom deal for “Provide a variety of financial and banking-related services for the Kenosha casino project.” This is more than getting a toaster when opening a checking account, this is a wink-and-a-nod deal to garner a tribe’s support.
Ouch, brutally friendly. 

This group of “sky is falling” casino paranoids describe their existence like this:
Enough Already! is an active coalition designed to inform the public of the potential off-reservation casino threats.
Keep in mind the area around Green Bay has five casino’s, the entire southeastern Wisconsin area has one. They can’t explain that one.

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