Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Burke supports Medicaid Expansion, bringing back our federal taxpayer money.

Medicaid expansion is a smart thing, a beneficial thing for taxpayers. Governor candidate Mary Burke agrees, and will expand Medicaid if she’s governor, taking our own federal tax dollars back to do just that:
WSJ: "I would definitely accept it," Burke said. "It defies common sense that we would turn down $120 million that frankly is the money of Wisconsin taxpayers. Federal money is our money and we should make sure we are getting our share of it. This is making health care more affordable for tens of thousands of people in Wisconsin."
The media is quick to print without correction or follow-up question this really dumb response:
Walker's campaign manager Stephan Thompson dismissed Burke's concerns, saying Walker's plan helps to insure more people and make fewer dependent on government. "Governor Walker is focused on moving people from government dependence to true independence."
Wouldn't real help come in the form of jobs and a paychecks? Oh, that’s right, Walker failed to provide that opportunity because he broke his jobs promise and stunted consumer spending.

You don’t kick people off the safety nets and say the problem solved. Walker’s easy draconian solutions push aside his failed policies, hoping no one like his low information supporters will notice. See, people no longer are dependent on government.  

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  1. You points here are valid, but you and everyone else always leaves out the bigger story.


    Yes, walker is dumb. No, he cannot possibly think on his feet.

    He was born with fetal alcohol syndrome -- just google it and look at his face -- there are credible reports that his mother was an alcoholic.

    But I don't point this out to insult him -- he is a media creation -- fully a media rock-star.

    We cannot possibly expect to win this fight unless we are brave enough to take on the powerful forces that gave us a "divide and conquer" governor.

    They had bigger plans for him -- we need to defeat him in 2014 to put an end his political career.

    He will never earn a million dollars in the private sector -- he is just too stoooooopid, but someone will take care of him -- he has been a valuable tool.

    Don't take offense at anything here please -- I am merely trying to extend what you correctly shared today.

    Our elections are not free, fair, open, verifiable, and transparent.

    While the severe gerrymandering will not impact statewide races -- the elections here are not on the up-and-up either.

    IMHO, we cannot win this fight unless we are willing to make it about the propaganda machines that fraudulently hoisted scotty walker into the governor's office by proclaiming him a CEO (which, believe-it-or-not, is the branding that his repub cohorts tried to manufacture).