Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Walker John Doe investigating Republican Governors Association, Club for Growth and Americans for Prosperity. Victims of Democratic DA?

Republican special interests would never do anything wrong, ever. So it must be a big surprise to the groups mentioned in the title that their participation in electing and reelecting Scott Walker might have been illegal. Like the Supreme Court recently declared, money does not what's up? 
Vicki is an AFP zombie?
Jack Craver-Cap Times: A conservative news website is reporting that right-wing organizations are the target of a new John Doe probe launched by the Milwaukee County district attorney.
"For the second time in three and a half years, a Democrat District Attorney of Milwaukee County has launched a secret investigation into conservatives, with the apparent goal of bringing down Gov. Scott Walker," writes Wisconsin Reporter
Targeted organizations include the Republican Governors Association, the Club for Growth and Americans for Prosperity, a group largely financed by Charles and David Koch … for alleged campaign finance law violations, likely in connection with efforts that benefited Gov. Scott Walker or legislative Republicans … according to what sources are telling WR, the potential violations in Wisconsin focus on employees of organizations such as Americans for Prosperity, which are supposed to be nonpartisan, assisting Republican campaigns.

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