Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Verizon says screw you to Prairie du Sac residents, Cell Tower at High School going in anyway.

You might want to change cellphone providers after this...

The private taking of our communities got a huge shot in the arm after the Republican legislature quietly passed a bizarre corporate giveaway in of our last state budget. 

In what is just a glimpse of the future under Republican control, cellphone businesses have just been given complete control over our local governments, with no requirement to respond.
Beautiful isn't it, and safe too.
WISC: A lawsuit filed by 21 property owners likely won’t delay the construction of a cell tower at the Sauk Prairie High School athletic field … an attorney for Verizon has notified (the citizens) the company intends to move forward with the tower’s construction despite the lawsuit. “We have no further information at this time,” Verizon spokeswoman Andrea Meyer said when asked about the company’s plans.
Can you imagine your government saying "we have no further information," take a hike? What changed recently without any fanfare at all (except here at Democurmudgeon)?
The village of Prairie du Sac Plan Commission’s  said their hands were tied by a new law signed by Gov. Scott Walker this summer that limits municipalities’ authority over the placement of cell phone towers.
Perhaps a few of these property owners were Walker supporters…still not getting a clue?
Property owners contend the law is invalid because it violates a “home rule” provision of the state Constitution.
Does the Walker Authority pass anything that doesn't appear to violate the state's constitution?


  1. Thanks to the greed of the school system for a measly 15,000 for the rights to put up the tower. Nothing to do with Walker. Research before you post.

  2. Sorry, it has everything to do with Walker. Who signed the rights of local communities over to the cell phone companies? It has nothing to do with the conservative villains hiding out in our local public schools. Get over your bad childhood experience.

    Research your comments.