Saturday, October 26, 2013

Trying not to be a one issue Act 10 voter.

Sly is on tear again, this time ripping into gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke for not promising to repeal Act 10. Despite Mary Burke’s efforts not to make any promises, she would pretty much repeal Act 10 based on her insistence public employees should have collective bargaining rights and a seat at the table.  But who am I, just some guy reading and hearing Burke say these things that may not be promises but come pretty close.

You'll notice in the "offending" piece, Burke has move on subject wise to include other issues when she references "special interests." Is that a reference to "union" interests...I don't think so. From WEAU:

Here's a clip of the upcoming Capitol City Sunday interview with Mary Burke on the same subject:

Sure I’d like every Democrat running to promise to repeal Act 10, the repeal of every voting restriction put in place, reinstating all environmental controls tossed by Republicans, the expansion of Medicaid, reinstating consumer protections, repealing business tax cut giveaways, etc., but come on, we’re talking about Democrats here. I’m a realist.

Giving the GOP ammunition: Beating up on Burke this early in the campaign about the repeal of Act 10 is in sync with the GOP. Don't get me wrong, pressuring Burke is good, but trashing her? To be honest, I’m fascinated by this unique Democratic strategy, and a little less excited about the midterms.

Here's a list of silly WISGOP gotcha's, that could have been easily answered had Walker not given away the farm to big business with revenue cuts, that will only result in larger spending cuts later:
WISGOP dumb ass questions prove they don't know budgeting!

Points 2 and 3 are easily answered: Collective bargaining didn't have to go away with larger health and pension contributions. And many of the tax cuts were giveaways to big business.

The last point relates to the second point but still give teachers a place at the table and control of the learning environment. As for putting more money in the classroom? WISGOP, don't make me laugh. 


  1. I know you worship him -- perhaps doing his fill-in radio work is one reason why.

    sly is not really on our side -- he is a self-promter and a media "rock star" wanna be.

    He's done OK for local radio -- don't get me wrong -- but its, you know, local radio.

  2. The Governor can't repeal Act 10. This would obviously have to be done by the legislature. If this happened I can't imagine that a Governor Burke would veto it.

    Still, I have a problem with politicians who throw out fuzzy terms like "special interests" as this can mean anything to anyone. If she doesn't become more specific as the campaign rolls along I think she will be in trouble.

    Hopefully, a primary will force her to speak directly to the issues rather than regurgitating a verbal fog loaded with key-words that campaign consultants have chosen based upon the galvanic skin-response of focus groups.

    Walker is a master at content-free fast-talk, spewing clusters of lies loaded with dog-whistles to atavistic prejudice. A vague appeal to the mythical center won't beat him, Tom Barrett found that out twice.

  3. The term "special interest" bugs me quite a bit. Having collective bargaining and keeping public workers in a civil service system protected from politics is in THE PUBLIC INTEREST. State workers are the folks who can tell the public how their tax dollars are really being spent. They are the ones to keep the lights on regardless of who is in office. When pay is based on "merit" only political games get rewarded. (Seems to me that the boss can even reward underlings for sexual favors and get away with it.) Underpaid (or understaffed) state accountants and lawyers can't look out for the public's dollar against well-financed corporations. The people need honest civil servants with long years of service and experience in their corner. Act 10 destroys what once made public service a dignified and rewarding career.