Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No one sees the world Dumb Ron Johnson sees, that's already pretty clear.

The one Dumb Ron Johnson idea that I believe should not be tolerated:
Johnson said in an interview Tuesday that Republicans and Democrats can't even agree on what the size of the problem is that they face.
Johnson's breathless panic over ObamaCare and the deficit is embarrassing enough, but he goes one step further. Dumb Ron Johnson is so insecure, that he first wants to bully everyone else into agreeing with his doom-and-gloom vision of the U.S.. We must be made aware of the size of the problem, as imagined by Johnson, before anything else can be done.

Johnson is part of the movement that criticizes Democratic legislation passed without any Republican support, but doesn't see any problem with Republican bills passed without any Democratic support.

Dumb Ron Johnson said it best himself, when he admitted he isn't swayed by the public. He's going to do it his way no matter what people think. Now that's representative government. From Upfront with Mike Gousha:

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