Sunday, March 18, 2012

Touring Lutheran High Schooler's at Capitol Chant "Stand with Walker." Indoctrination much?

I want to hear a conservative explain away Sheboygan Lutheran's "stand with Walker" chant at the Capitol the other day.

So this is what a private Christian school teaches? Conservative indoctrination? Imagine Martin Luther cheering on the Crusaders, Sheboygan Lutheran's sports team. History would tell you he probably wouldn't be going to to many games:

Christianity Today: According to Martin Luther, no religious cause justified military action against false Christians, heretics, or even Turks. Spiritual enemies must be fought with spiritual weapons alone. Crusade, or holy war, was never permissible. 

The following video is making the rounds, from Cognitive Dissidence to Whallah!, showing Sheboygan Lutheran High School students shouting down the Solidarity Singers. This huge touring class even chanted "stand with Walker."

Lutherans? Really?

Imagine sending taxpayer money to private schools that teach or, as a right winger would suggest,  brainwash kids into being a vocal force for our authoritarian party leaders. You think this would raise some alarming questions? This isn't a voucher school, but what if it was?
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Perhaps teachers have been mislead into thinking they had to leave politics outside the school house doors. I say it's time for experimentation and innovative politically driven instruction. Yeah, that's the ticket.

But this indoctrination isn't just happening in private religious schools. Check out this unapologetic brainwashing at Fond du Lac's Oakfield High School.


  1. Amusing to watch you guys squirm when your own tactics are used against you.

  2. Since when have teachers left their "politics outside the school house doors"?

  3. Hmm. Look's who's squirming.

    Protesting if fine, we do it, you're right.

    But Republicans whined that it was bad...once.

  4. Teachers have always left their politics at the door, dummy.

    Please, think before you type. You're obviously a group thinker brainwashed into believing teachers don't have students that care about them?

    Maybe you weren't one of those students once, but not everybody was a backward conservative as a kid.

  5. libs are all about the First Amendment EXCEPT when it turns on you and bites you in the ass! Those kids had every right to shout those singers down. After all, you union goons are there every friggin' day in the Capitol. Give someone else a chance. Hey, by the way, did they destroy the Capitol the way the unions did?

  6. Teachers have ALWAYS left their politics at the door? Who are you kidding. Crawl back under your rock.

  7. My 17 year old daughter, wife, and 8 year old son were present at the capitol that day. The purpose was to cheer on their basketball team after a victory. There is no reason why a group of people in a democratic nation like ours can't voice their opinion in the same way as the anti-Walker people can voice theirs. People who have jobs, pay taxes, and raise families are the backbone of this great nation. Some of us feel that the overspending of our government is threatening the future of this nation. I support any politician who stands behind balancing our budget and getting our country back into good financial standing. Greece is our future on our current path. Scott Walker is one of the few with a backbone to stand up to status quo overspending politicians. We all must endure some pain. My pay has been cut over 20% in the past 2 years and my medical copays last year were 5K. I'm certain my taxes will be raised in the next few years, but if that's what it takes to return this nation to good standing, then so be it. I don't think my children should have to be responsible for our overspending.

  8. To Anon; As I've said in the post, what they did was fine, but it's counter to the whining and complaining from conservatives who have vilified anti-Walker protesters. Sorry to have to spell out the obvious.

    Walker didn't stand up for us, much less the status quo. He stood up for moneyed interests. It doesn't take courage to cut and slash and take the heat. It takes courage to think, negotiate, be creative, balance interests and then pass something that many in the state can live with.

    That's not Walker's style, and that's not what he did. You seem to be happy with someone telling you what to do, as long as its someone from your party. Scary. Authoritarian. And stop with the kids crap. Think about it, we're taking away from the kids now so they won't have to "maybe" pay taxes in the future? Welcome to the real world. Sorry to have to break it to you.