Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trust Us, We're the Conservative Authority!! Take it from Justice Prosser

I'm posting this Sly in the Morning segment for one reason; it perfectly reflects the conservative campaign to vilify everything Democratic, everything liberal, everything not ideologically compatible. I hope you have time to listen to it. The underlying message is clear; liberals are trying to take away the conservative vote.

This is the marginalization of American citizens who are not conservative. We are the other. We are the takers of their votes through our recall system. We are the takers of everything they think they own, like the moral high ground, the courts, their odd interpretation of freedom and liberty spelled out in the constitution.

Talk radio propagandists Charlie Sykes tries like hell to discredit liberals everyday. And he's working from a growing enemies list, like the newly targeted Wisconsin Judicial Commission.

The message you'll hear from Sykes is not just how bad liberals are, but how conservatives are the only ones that can be trusted to administer the law. Over and over Sykes basically hits on one theme; liberals will do anything to take away the power of their VOTE, a threat that is now right up there with taking away God and guns.

What's surreal, is the point Sykes is making by using the oddest vehicle, a physically abusive conservative activist supreme court justice.

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