Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Castle Doctrine's Sense of Arrogance Devalues and Ends Another Human Life in Slinger, Wisconsin.

The Bo Morrison tragedy in Slinger, Wisconsin, has yet to be fully understood.

After a few posts, here, here, and here, a few final thoughts. Below, Ed Schultz talks with John Nichols and State Sen. Chris Larson about our own castle doctrine, it's ties to ALEC, and how it contributed to the mindset that caused the death of Bo Morrison. This is insightful coverage, with audio of the 911 call that night:

As for the empty void the family will feel for a lifetime? They've only just begun to deal with it...From the Phillip Funeral Home
Bo A. Morrison, age 20, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, March 3, 2012.

Dear Bo,

You will be missed deeply; we are all so sorry that your life was taken from you in such a useless, disgusting way. No one should ever leave this life the way you had to. I am so sad you were taken from me. The pain of losing you is unbearable. I never in this world thought I would have to bury my youngest child. Your death could have been prevented, that’s what kills me the most. I will miss you like no other. I hope your with your big brother in heaven. I know he will be waiting for you with open arms. When you hugged me that night and said, “Goodbye Mom, I love you”, I didn’t think it would be forever. Your sisters and brothers are crushed that they’ll never see your smiling face again. I’m so proud of everything you have done or accomplished, graduating college, touring across states, snow boarding, even signing up for the Marines. If your life wasn’t taken from you so young, I know you would’ve succeeded in everything you did. Grandma and Grandpa loved you very much and are devastated they have to bury you so young. Your father and I have created one of the greatest kid to have around. I love you, Bo. When you get to heaven tell your brother Nick Mom and Dad misses and loves him very much. You two stick together. Until we meet again my baby boy, I will miss you and never forget you. I will try to heal my heart, but I don’t thing that will ever happen.
Here's a comment I received on a previous Slinger post, by your typically sociopathic right winger, showing just how attached they are to their guns, and detached from society:
The suspect had violated this mans home with the intent to commit a crime. The homeowner has the right to defend his home against any intrusion. the sole responsiblity for this incident rests entirely on the man who at 2 am, decided to attend an underage drinking party, run from the police and then break into someone elses home to try to hide.

If i choose to leave my doors unlocked and the windows open and someoone breakes into my home you better believe that such action will be met with deadly force. 
Politiscoop did a piece as well.


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  2. Neither you nor Ed read the police report. Ed is slandering and lying. The police and the WI State Crime Lab did extensive investigations. If you and everyone who will be targeting this family vigilante-style had read the report you would see that the Castle Doctrine is not the determining factor in why the homeowner was not charged. The home owner (crazed shooter to you) was not charged because of application of legal precedent established in WI when it BECAME A STATE. The pre-Castle Doctrine laws of self defense applied here. It is not like the Trayvon Martin case. It is not.
    Harrass this family as you see fit.

    But, as always, you are grossly misinformed and I can even say - lying. This "shooter" met the requirements for self-defense that existed BEFORE the Castle Doctrine.
    Make a fool of yourself though, it's what you do best.

    Here's the report. Read it, and I mean read ALL of it. Every word. If you don't you're an even bigger moron than I thought