Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Conspiracy Theories, by “non-partisan” conservative Media Trackers Abound. Prosser victim again due to attack by liberal Judicial Commission?

I couldn’t help but compile just one day of headlines and stories from the Media Trackers web site, to illustrate the rank paranoia of far right wing fringe elements that have made their home in Wisconsin.

These are real stories? Really? 
The campaign to portray liberals and Democrats as seditious traitors is nothing short of bizarre. But to ignore this escalating vilification is to give in to the authority, and voluntarily watch this experiment in democracy die. Over stated? 

Take the Prosser/Bradley case; no matter how you package it, conservative Justice David Prosser grabbed the neck of his fellow liberal leaning justice. Despite not reaching the point of criminality, it still violated the state’s judicial code, but...:
Prosser Investigation Led by Democrat With Ties to Abrahamson: Last year Prosser was investigated after the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism ran a thinly-sourced piece accusing him of putting fellow justice Ann Walsh Bradley in a “chokehold”…
A “thinly-sourced” report...that was true? Crazy stuff, but like any authoritarian power would tell you, dissent will not be tolerated. If you’re a part of the Democratic Party, you’re not impartial know, the Republicans are. Even the polarizing ones:
Media Trackers found that the commission is stacked with Democrats and individuals with political ties that call into question their competence to impartially review the actions of a polarizing conservative jurist. At least two members of the Judicial Commission have a history of giving to Democrats or liberals … That fact, plus the consideration that the lead investigator on the case is a highly partisan individual, casts doubt around the process and the conclusions that those leading it may have decided to reach.
That highly partisan lead investigator out to get Prosser? He's defending the Scott Walker aide who is charged with 4 felony counts of illegally campaigning on the taxpayer dime, Kelly Rindfleisch. How dare he…?

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