Friday, March 30, 2012

GAB Data Base won't Include Addresses.

Kind of a moot point now, since we are forever stuck with the right wings “Verify the Recall” blacklist signature site, but the GAB will skip tying addresses’ to the the signers names.

Still for me, signing a recall petition is no different than casting a vote. So why post any of this at all? We need to stop the this new wave of McCarthyism, by legislating an end to this open invitation to intimidate. I’m open to anyone who can make the case for the other side. Any suggestions?
Mary Spicuzza ‏ @MSpicuzzaWSJ  GAB searchable database won't include addresses of those who signed recall petitions, others have made records request for information.

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  1. We need a lawyer to represent us and to find out what sort of penalties there are for harassing and intimidating petition signers. I feel strongly the intimidation is wrong and possibly illegal. But to what extent?