Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tamper Proof Touch Screen Voting in Wisconsin?

Brad Blog would have a field day with this story.

Titled “Touch Screen Voting Easy and Fool-Proof,” the Caledonia Patch’s Denise Lockwood took a look at the new voting gadget machines in Mt. Pleasant. They also have an interesting paper trail for recount purposes. For machine brand wonks, it's by Sequoia Voting Systems, Inc. (now owned and distributed by Dominion Voting ).

You should be interested to know the machines can be easily hacked back in 2010, as explained at Truthout:
This is your Sequoia touch-screen voting machine with Pac-Man hacked onto it without disturbing any of the "tamper-evident" seals supposedly meant to protect it from hackers... "The software can be replaced without breaking any of these seals, simply by removing screws and opening the case."
I did a search but couldn't find the latest scoop on newer machines, so if anyone can point us to a recent article, we would appreciate that. Meanwhile, in Mt. Pleasant:  

While the machines are initially expensive, touch screen voting pays off in the long run because of the cost reductions from not having to print ballots or pay poll workers for hours of tabulating. Linda Fonk, a chief poll inspector in Mount Pleasant, demonstrates how to use a touch screen voting machine.


  1. has an interestng story on a software screw-up by the very same Dominion Voting Systems that shifted votes between contests and declared incorrect winners in a recent Florida election.

    This is not encouraging. The only reason that the error was caught in Florida is because they had paper ballots to audit.

    The Touchscreen audit tapes are useless as they only record what the software spits out. Garbage in, garbage out.

    I think Walker will do very well on touchscreen E-voting machines.

  2. So is there evidence of who voted for who. Is there a paper trail? Is there evidence that voter #230 voted for so and so?

  3. The election results will appear to be closer than the real votes cast because of strategic fraud in selected precincts. Until we wrest control of the design and maintenance of these machines designed & produced by republican-owned businesses our liberal candidates must have overwhelming support. The inaccurate and wildly overstated media impression that conservative thought prevails in America masks the fraud.
    The Florida chad crisis in 1999 was the necessary and deliberate prequel to the purchase and implementation of the devious machines.
    Save the electoral system demand paper & pencil!

  4. The story here is very clear; the paper prints out and shows the voter his or her selections. If they are correct, the voter submits the vote, and the paper scrolls into the machine for counting later if need be.

    The problem is, in a fairly tight race, there won't be a count or check of the printouts. A false sense of security to say the least.

    I don't support these machines, but the scanners can also be tampered with, so what's left. Paper ballots?

    Many say yes.

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