Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eric Hovde blames high gas prices on social safety nets. Give those up, and we can buy gas more often.

It's amazing how many Republican candidates and politicians want to be "honest" and speak frankly to the people they serve...the ones they're about to throw under the bus. Hey, they're just being honest....

Take the next big talking know-it-all Republicans candidate for congress Eric Hovde. He's going to lower the gas prices at the pump blah, blah, blah. Only there's one problem, he doesn't mention the world market or speculation. Oops, did he forget? No, he just wants to get rid of Medicare, Social Security and the Affordable Care Act. 
Brookfield Patch: It should come as no surprise that career politicians like Barack Obama aren’t being honest with the American people when they talk about gas prices.

Gas prices have doubled since the president took office. Instead of aggressively pursuing solutions that will ease your pain at the pump and help achieve American energy independence, President Obama and his allies in Congress are writing off the meteoric rise in gas prices as a product of tensions in the Middle East. Their logic is disingenuous, their rhetoric is dishonest, and the consequences of their inaction are having a devastating effect on the pocketbooks of Americans nationwide. 

Just like dumb Ron Johnson’s idiotic reason to become a senator (so he could kill health care for all), Eric Hovde is either just as dumb, or so wildly free market that he just doesn't get it. I sometimes wonder if these reckless idea’s spring up from their power lunches or happy hour pontifications. Hint; “speculation?” 
Middle East tensions have existed for decades, but gas hasn’t always cost $4 per gallon. That is because the rise in gas prices is not being dictated by dictators; instead, it is a byproduct of the federal government’s massive debt and deficits … Sadly, far too many of our leaders in Washington either don’t understand this correlation or are unwilling to be honest with the American people. It is due time that those who we elect to be our voice have a level of economic competency and speak frankly while pursuing solutions that will solve our problems today… 
Well then that rules out our “nothing to lose” millionaire candidate.


  1. I feel compelled to ask why Hovde chose Washington D.C. as the location for his hedge fund? Was it because it gave him access to inside information from Congress and the Bush administration which made his vulture deals more profitable?

    Has his firm speculated in oil futures?

    As a card-carrying member of the Republican gang was he able to pick up some banks on the cheap from the FDIC?

    How much money does he have stashed in the Cayman Islands? Wisconsin wants to know.

  2. I agree that speculation has a large part to do with it. I don't know why many politicians don't mention it for some reason...