Sunday, March 18, 2012

Texas was Warned about losing Federal Funding for Family Planning program, but didn't listen.

Illegal actions have consequences. Texas decided not to follow the law, ignored warnings that they would lose funding for a women’s health program, so what did they expect? We’re talking about putting 90 percent funding at risk.
Newsmax: The Texas attorney general on Friday sued the Obama administration to challenge its decision to shut down a women's health program over a dispute centered on the state's withholding of funds to clinics that provide abortions.

Cindy Mann, the director of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said the federal government had no choice but to discontinue the program because Texas' denial of funds for abortion, restricts the freedom of choice of health providers and is not permitted under federal law.
Sounds pretty easy to me; equal protection, basically. 
14th Amendment; "no state shall ... deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."
That doesn’t apply to Texans. Texas wants the government money but still be able to thumb its nose at the Federal Constitution. Remember this is not the same constitution Republicans work from, they’ve got the pocket size kind…condensed?
Texas became the first state to have its Medicaid Family Planning Demonstration Program canceled by the federal government. The program provides basic medical services, including breast and cervical cancer screening, and birth control, for 130,000 of the state's poorest women.
Texas chose to act out against women’s health, slicing and dicing coverage, and inserting big government into the decision that should only be between a doctor and patient. This is the Republican version of government health care. What will they attack next?

Rick Perry is suddenly all worried about women’s health, life saving services and the law? Give me a break:
"This is about life and the rule of law, which Texas respects and the Obama administration does not," Texas Governor Rick Perry, a former Republican presidential candidate, said in a statement on Friday.
It's opposite day in Texas too, everyday: federal programs are subject to the federal constitution. But to Perry and his AG, the countries constitution takes a back seat to the lunacy of their state lawmakers.
 "(The decision) also violates the Constitution of the United States by seeking to commandeer and coerce the states' lawmaking processes into awarding taxpayer subsidies to elective abortion providers," the lawsuit said.

Did you ever hear anything so stupid? And that's from the Texas AG yet.

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