Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Justice Prosser above Law, Scrutiny! Claims the legal system "biased." Ya Think?

To quote the now legendary Rutles, “Shocked…..and stunned.”

Play that every time you read Justice Prosser's statements here. In one of the most amazing acts of arrogance, Justice David Prosser, a former Republican assembly speaker, is going to ask his fellow justices to recuse themselves from deciding his fate:
WSJ: Prosser said Monday he will likely ask other members of the court to recuse themselves from deciding on the disciplinary complaint filed against him last week — an action that, if successful, would appear to kill the case.
And to feed the right wing media machine, he wants the records of the Wisconsin Judicial Commission released to the public, so each and every line of their deliberations can be trashed unmercifully by Charlie Sykes, Jeff Wagner, Mark Belling and even lightweight Vicki McKenna. “Shocked…and stunned.”
Prosser … said … that he favors authorizing the Wisconsin Judicial Commission to release records of its deliberations in the matter to allow him and others to determine whether the commission was — as he charged Friday — politically biased against him.
Get that? Only the uncritical Republicans are unbiased. “Shocked…and stunned.”
Prosser contended that none of the other justices, including Crooks, should sit on the case. He said Crooks (who wasn’t there) could be influenced by his discussions with Bradley, Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson and detectives from the Dane County Sheriff's Office who investigated the altercation. Prosser asked, "You have six justices who were present at the scene ... You have justices with actual bias who are eyewitnesses and, in effect, parties."
Think of this as an insight into how Prosser thinks…decides cases. Waukesha voters should be embarrassed. But Prosser’s bizarre take on political power is so counter to the current authoritarian takeover by Walker and the Fitzgerald’s, that I'm “Shocked….and stunned”:
Prosser also charged that the Judicial Commission's makeup is inherently biased because five of the nine members are appointed by the sitting governor, who is a partisan. In his case, at least some of those who participated in discussion … were appointees of former Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle. Earlier this month, GOP Gov. Scott Walker appointed three new members for a total of five appointees.
But Prosser even topped his own outrageous musings with this ultimate “shocked…and stunned” observation:
He said he testified before seven of the nine commission members on Sept. 23 for three hours, and for another hour in front of six members on Dec. 16, but was not present for any votes. "The truth of the matter was, they were not interested in what my defense was or any provocation for my action," Prosser said. "They were only interested in my conduct.”


  1. He should just ask for a change of venue to another galaxy where everyone loves him.