Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Collective Bargaining Rules Leave Counties and School Boards without Standards.

When Scott Walker and his Republican pirates got rid of collective bargaining, they left a void where there was once rules and regulations governing public employees. Coming up with a replacement plan for counties and school districts would have been hard work, something freeloading Republicans avoid like hell while they collect taxpayer money.
WSJ: The Jefferson County Board last week loosened a proposed discipline standard after unions protested, and Columbia County employees are winning a series of changes to a controversial policy that top officials wrote behind closed doors to prevent employee input.

Union leaders say many of the new rules are unfair. Public administrators for schools and municipalities say it hasn’t been easy to write rules to replace union contract provisions that evolved over 50 years of collective bargaining.

“This is an entirely new arena,” said Andrew Phillips, an attorney for the Wisconsin Counties Association. “We are going to have to execute management in areas where we have never executed it before.”

Most counties had at least makeshift appeal policies in place in October to meet a state deadline, but many are now making revisions, Phillips said ... patchwork of policies that has sprung up across the state…

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