Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Teatard Movement blathers on...

Some call them Teatards, while some call them...wait, that fits, that works for me.

I'd like to submit this incredible piece of evidence; an email that I assume deals with the continuing investigation of the "fake" Obama birth certificate in Arizona.

This is the tea party movement. The teatards. Punctuation and grammar has not been changed.
Finally a balanced report from CBS.  It has been a week from the press conference.  I am certain the local CBS station did some similar tests.  The probability of a forgery is more than a probability.  The document on the White House page is a forgery.  Again,

Who did it? Why did they do it? Why is it being covered up by the White House?  (Obama must/should be aware?).

These questions must be answered by 100's of other citizen posses!  Also, 100's of other citizen posses must verify and determine the document is a forgery.  Of course, if it is a forgery, the aforementioned 3 questions becomes the starting list of questions that beg for answers.

Other news organizations that do not report the same findings that the Phoenix Local network did, must be in the tank for Obama, willing to coverup wrong doing that involves his credibility and are willing to conspire against the rights of Americans to know that a forgery has been committed.  And again, they have the right to know,

Who did it? Why did they do it? Why is it being covered up by the White House?  (Obama must/should be aware?).

This should be sent to all local media outlets, local sheriffs and all members of Congress.  If our local sheriffs and congress can't sniff out the truth (not some silly political resolution) then may God help us...because we will very soon be without a rule of law...  This is not a 'birther' issue.  It is a forgery issue.  If the mother is an American, the child should be an American.  So why is there a need to forge the birth certificate?

Link: Stunner! Balanced CBS report on Arpaio probe John-L Johnson
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