Friday, March 23, 2012

Randy Hopper found Not Guilty!!? Jury believed arrest was politically motivated?

No details yet on the verdict or why he got off, but Randy Hopper's claim he was given a ticket for OWI, for political reasons, must have had an impact. You try to make sense of this...
FDLReporter: A jury found former state senator Randy Hopper not guilty Friday on a charge of drunken driving stemming from his October arrest in Fond du Lac County.

Here's what happened at the trial, and how signing the recall petitions again comes into play:

Strike 1: Tammy Hicken, who along with her husband Tim and daughter Stephanie allegedly witnessed the erratic driving of Hopper, appeared frustrated on the stand when Melowski continued to ask her about signing the Gov. Scott Walker recall petition.

Strike 2: Hopper declined to give an evidentiary chemical test of his breath for Venne. Jail staff members were able to get a preliminary breath test from Hopper that registered a blood alcohol content of .13 percent, more than 1.6 times the legal limit of .08 percent, according to the report. Hopper said he did not take a preliminary breath test as sought by Venne because county employees have repeatedly threatened him.

The .13 percent BAC is not admissible as evidence during the trial.

Tim Hicken of North Fond du Lac testified that he called 911 after he spotted a black Suburban driving recklessly on Highway 151. Hicken testified he didn't know who was driving the car. He said that even though he is part of the union with the Fond du Lac County Highway Department, he was not part of a political movement at the time of the incident. Melowski later recalled Tim Hicken to talk about him circulating Gov. Scott Walker recall petitions after Hopper's arrest occurred.


  1. thank you hopper, now, all drunk drivers can claim "victim" or "have a disease" and they should not be charged or put in jail for drunk driving.

    hell, i am under terrible stress, due to the walker threats daily.

  2. Hicken testimony was fishy