Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Waupun Correctional sees protests, sign of new Walker times in state.

Gov. Scott Walker's management style and ideologically rigged vision of labor as a necessary evil, is already destroying government from within. It does give him an excuse to provide more giveaways to big business though. 

Prison workers are next to be privatized, but not until the Republicans can point to deteriorating conditions in the prisons, which they have conveniently created by destroying collective bargaining. 

From WBAY: 

It was billed as a protest against what prison workers claim are staff shortages and increased overtime. But a rally outside Waupun Correctional Institution Tuesday instead turned into a rally against Governor Scott Walker's budget repair bill and the loss of collective bargaining. They marched up and down the sidewalk, carrying sign referring to the Department of Corrections as a "Department of Crisis." Other signs called for the recall of Governor Walker.

According to those who were marching, working conditions inside the prison have significantly deteriorated since the passage of the governor's budget repair bill. Prison employees say not only is security an issue inside prison walls but morale is at an all-time low as well.

According to the DOC, higher-than-usual retirements and a lower-than-normal number of corrections academy graduates is a factor in the number of job vacancies. It does not believe "low morale" is a factor.

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