Saturday, March 31, 2012

Republicans Make Health Care Reform Seem Almost Impossible.

Health care is one of the biggest issues this country will ever face, and that includes the thousands of families who are bankrupted every year for a simple illness. It hurts and kills people, all the while crushing businesses and lowering take home pay for consumers.

Republicans are fine with that because it helps make their case that safety nets cost too much and that insurance companies need to make a profit. Instead of a Medicare for all solution, like most countries, they would like to experiment with every Americans life by trying a free market profit driven system. And a company can't make a profit spending money on making people well, can they? 

I found the commentary below from Moneyed Politicians to be right on the mark. It’s all so simple, yet impossible for Republicans to grasp:
Jack E. Lohman: Taiwan experts traveled the world looking for the best healthcare model to copy for their own country, and settled on (drum-roll please), America’s Medicare system. With 100% private doctors and hospitals, only with government payment rather than insurance company and employer payment.

And it works! With better health outcomes than ours (because they cover 100% of their citizens) they implemented it at a total cost of 7% of GDP.(Our costs are 17.5% of GDP with insurance company profits and administration!) And they relieved employers from the cost of providing health care, and allowed 100% portability for employees wanting to change jobs or start new businesses. What’s not to like about that?

100% in, 0% out-Everybody is covered at less than half our costs, because they’ve eliminated the middleman. Instead of insurers taking 20% off the top and distributing the rest, a government’s private contractor distributes the money. 100% of today’s inflated costs are passed onto consumers, if not through premiums then certainly when businesses add their healthcare costs to the price of their product and we reimburse them at the cash register … employers … taking their jobs to places like Taiwan, where their system does not penalize employers. And all of this so our politicians can give their insurer-friends 20% of the pie? Duh!!!

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