Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Walker Backers" love ol' droopy eyes, plan event at Mall.

"Walker Backers" are still in denial, and still don't have the smarts to feel embarrassed over their pathetic public support of an imperial government. I wonder how they'll feel when they're next on the Walker cut list? Until then, they'll happily follow their leader anywhere...
Wauwatosa Patch: "Walker Backers At The Square," an informal gathering at Brookfield Square mall, is now set for 4 to 6 p.m. so there will be less conflict for those who wish to attend the daylong "Defending the American Dream Summit" in Milwaukee.
Does informal mean you don't need the mall's permission?
"This is truly a grassroots event," said Meg Duffy, one of the volunteer organizers. "Homemade signs, signs pulled up out of the dirt in our lawns, just to promote Gov. Walker. The same group that present(ed) the "Celebrate Walker" rally Jan. 21 in Wauwatosa.
But just in case the event, with no headliners, fails to draw anything close to the nearly 3000 supporters that showed up for “Celebrate Walker,” this caveat:
Walker Backers at the Square is not intended to match that in scope, and no speakers are scheduled at this time. "It's just gonna be a fun event with a lot of like-minded people getting out together," Duffy said. "We expect maybe a couple hundred people – who knows, maybe more. There will be special guests – although I'm not at liberty now to say who."
Ah, special guests who wish to remain anonymous? Guests who don’t want their supporters to show get the word out?

At least they'll have a number of senior mall "Walkers" in attendance.

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  1. I have read that this is the same mall that kicked out the Recall petitioners!!