Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The End of the Affordable Care Act!!!

After all the coverage showing just how partisan and ridiculous the 5 conservative justices are about health care, it's all but over. It's so disheartening to see something so serious and life threatening, so cavalierly ripped to shreds for pure ideological reasons.

Why the press continues to view the Roberts court as nothing out of the ordinary is anybodies guess, all I can say is I'm left with the feeling that these five arrogant bastards aren't really concerned with the constitution or the devastating repercussions of their decisions. They're sickly comical tea party comparisons of the Affordable Care Act to cell phones, broccoli, funerals and health club memberships is not what constitutional scholars expected out of this court. And it's certainly an indication that we've got a big judicial crisis staring us in the face.

The court apparently didn't take the case for any legal reason, but instead, wanted to put a stop another one of those liberal entitlement programs.

Even more frustrating; dumb Ron Johnson will look like he was right, and the plaintiff before the court will have won his case based on...his own dumb selfish idiotic reasons. See for yourself the kind of people now in control of this country:

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