Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ryan's Vision of the new Mordor America!

Is Paul Ryan killing animals someplace we don’t know about? Because at this point, it looks like he's turned his attention to people now.

In the most outrageous proposal to date, Ryan got rid of any trace of humanity left over in his previous plans, and decided to relegate the poor, middle class and seniors to the trash bin of history.

In the video clip below, Ed Schultz very quickly exposes the Dickensian future presented by an energized Paul Ryan. I've also included Ryan's "demagogic" fear mongering rant as he walks down a hallway, voiced over a doom and gloom music score. Hey, didn't he blame the Democrats for such "demagoguery?  

I especially liked this take on Ryan’s sick sociopathic agenda:
Esquire: Paul Ryan's Budget Is a Cowardly Political Joke By Charles P. Pierce: Paul Ryan doesn't propose a budget like this because he's concerned about The Deficit. It is senseless to talk about this budget in that context, although even some liberal wonks like to give him the benefit of a prodigious doubt on that score. (This blog declines to do so on the basis of its fundamental economic philosophy: Fk The Deficit. People Got No Jobs. People Got No Money.) If he were concerned about The Deficit, he wouldn't have voted to finance two off-the-books wars and the Medicare expansion that the previous administration pushed through. Paul Ryan proposes a budget like this because he believes that the programs he is working to demolish — food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, and on and on — are not legitimate functions of the federal government. He does not believe that the Constitution's requirement that it promote the general welfare means that the government may make the lives of the poor and the sick a litte easier, or that it should embark on programs that help create and maintain a viable middle-class. That's the job of The Market, even though The Market has shown itself, time and time again, to be uninterested in doing anything of the sort. Economic inequality is the inevitable byproduct of the truest kind of freedom. (That 72-year old woman with the 75-year old demented husband? Free as bird!) A society permanently stratified between the very rich and everyone else is precisely what the Founders had in mind. This budget … (based on) an ideology that borders on the theological.

The Democrats should take it and hammer every breathing Republican over the head with it. It should be hung in the town square like a piƱata and beaten until all the nonsense and bullshit comes tumbling out on the ground. It should be taken seriously only in the sense of a demonstration of how committed the conservative movement is to maintaining corporate power…
Remember when Republicans had a fit over "Paul Ryan" pushing granny off the cliff?  Well, a few doctors have put their own anti-Affordable Care Act ad together, where they also push granny of the cliff. Think our conservative friends will be just as outraged? I've paired the old and the new:
AmericanDoctors4Truth today launched a television ad showing President Barack Obama, played by an actor, pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair off a cliff as she begs for mercy. 

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