Sunday, March 25, 2012

The “Verify the Recall” Blacklist. Will Democrats stop the retaliation? Have they even noticed?

I hate the Democrats. They’re the most inarticulate, weak kneed, back on their heels politicians the world has ever seen. They can’t make an argument if their political life depended on it. And it does.

And right before our very eyes, we’re seeing the first blacklist since the Sen. Joe McCarthy era unfold, without a single objection. Have the Democrats lost their minds? Is this all too complicated for them?

I'm not the only one who has blogged about this extensively, others have as well. We now have another example where the “Verify the Blacklist” is being used again to quell the democratic process:
Blogging Blue: I have covered the story of "Verify The Recall" & how it was never used to make sure the process was clean and fair, but to make sure and intimidate those who signed. With the Governor’s recall a sure thing, the VTR is still working. The latest egregious event comes from the Wausau Daily Herald and their editor Mark Treinen. Seems as though 25 employees exercised their constitutional rights, and signed the recall petition.
"So we were disappointed to learn this week, while checking online databases and asking staff members, that 25 of our coworkers in Gannett Wisconsin Media broke from our ethical code and signed petitions in support of the recall election for Gov. Scott Walker … We are now in the process of addressing discipline and reviewing additional ethics training for all news employees."
Where are the Democrats? Apparently, they’re still begging for a little respect and bipartisanship from the Republicans. We have only ourselves to blame.

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  1. Correct you are.

    Wisconsin Constiution; Article XIII, Section 12

    The message is so easy: These are our rights written into the Wisconsin Constitution; we throw the bums out when they lie and pursure secret, corrupt agendas.

    So easy a message; so lame and spineless are the Dems too often.