Saturday, March 31, 2012

The March to the Right and Beyond....

I’m posting this for one reason; to show how far conservatives have been allowed to go, thanks to an uncritical press. We wouldn’t be in this place had the media and the opposition party been able to stand up against, what can only be described now as, the radical right wing. The blames should also go to those fearful Republican voters who believe in all this lunacy. It's not just a few crazies either.

This is about where the Republican Tea Party will eventually go from here, since we know the checks and balances are gone.

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For example; the right wings odd fascination with Ron Paul. Check out the screen capture below of a Facebook post by a Paul supporter (the date of the post is not revealed in either of the stories at Addicting Info or News One). This isn’t the first time we’ve seen or heard these kinds of “suggestions” before, and I’m wondering how many years it will be before any of this is acted on.  

After all, here's what's taken place in the last three years: Conservatives showed up at protests wearing loaded guns and assault weapons, a presidential debate crowd cheered letting an uninsured sick person die, or a sitting Supreme Court Justice say the government should un-obligate itself from providing medical services to those who cannot pay? Oh, and corporations are people, my friends.
Jules Manson, a former candidate for city council in Carson, California and enthusiastic Ron Paul supporter wrote “Assassinate the f#@#en n-word and his monkey children” in a Facebook post. Manson says “I may be an atheist but Ron Paul is my God.” 

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