Friday, March 30, 2012

Santorum's Mysterious Stump Gaffe in Janesville!

Blue Cheddar found an interesting clip of a Rick Santorum speech in Janesville, Wiscsonsin. In what can only be described as an odd verbal stumble, Santorum made this bizarre slip of the tongue:
“We know what Obama was like, the anti war, government nig-gah”
What two words was Santorum pairing together here? Context wise, it doesn't exactly fit in with his full statement shown below, which I've edited together for length:

I don't usually post slips of the tongue, but this moment of Santorum clarity stood out. What word is Santorum reaching for with "nig-gah?" Any reasonable suggestions?


  1. It's obvious what the guy is saying. I can't believe anyone would not see immediately what the intention of the slipped word was/is.

    Santorum was trying to say "...anti war, government nigerian businessman."

  2. It actually doesn't even make sense with the bad word in there.