Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Real Job Killers; Scott Walker Administration continues their war on trains.

Normally, a split legislature would have prevented this incredible mismanagement of state money and poor job creation, but these are extraordinary times.

Will conservative voters squeal like pigs to the slaughter when they hear that $71.8 MILLION will be mothballed? Don’t hold your breath, they hate trains too:
jsonline: Gov. Scott Walker has signed off on a legislative committee's refusal to keep planning a new train maintenance base, increasing the chances the state will mothball two brand-new trains on which it has already spent $71.8 million.  The Legislature's Joint Finance Committee … rejected the administration's request for $2.5 million to plan a permanent maintenance base … That $55 million to $63 million base is part of the state's contract with Talgo Inc., the Spanish-owned company that built the trains in Milwaukee.
It's only money. What happened to all that talk about business certainty? 

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