Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's not the "Stand your Ground" law or the self appointed vigilante, but Trayvon Martin's Hoody.

The situation surrounding the Trayvon Martin tragedy in Florida is starting to become clearer now.

We had our own situation here in Wisconsin after a Slinger homeowner shot and killed a 20 year hiding on his porch. Bo Morrison had attended a the loud party next door. More here, and here. But this is about Trayvon Martin.

The story came together for me when Geraldo Rivera blamed Trayvon's hoody for the shooting. If you've ever shopped for your kids, hoody's are basically the only inside/outside top you could buy for the last two years. Because it dominates the racks now, to say it's a gang thing or something minorities wear, is bizarre, inaccurate and out of touch.

The commentary and the clips of the 911 calls I've included here, from the Ed Show and elsewhere, along with Obama's statement, tell just a part of the story.

Great coverage here too from Blogging Blue.

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