Thursday, March 22, 2012

Andrew Rosenthal on Bad Gun Laws

Florida earned an abysmal three out of 100 points on the Brady Campaign’s 2011 scorecard. The state places no limit on bulk purchases of handguns, does not require firearm owners to report lost or stolen guns, has not closed the notorious gun-show loophole, does not require safety training or fingerprinting prior to purchase and does not ban large capacity magazines. The list goes on. Florida also received a special demerit for passing a gag rule, which forbids health care practitioners from inquiring about the presence of firearms in the home. (A Miami judge ruled it unconstitutional.)

At the federal level, we have the charming Tiahrt Amendments, which require the Justice Department to destroy approved background checks within 24 hours (this makes it harder to catch dealers who falsify their records, and harder to track straw purchasers). These amendments also prohibit state and local law enforcement from using gun trace data in civil proceedings, to revoke the license of a dealer who was caught breaking the law.
These are wonderful points. Who in their right mind could support such nonsense. Gun-rights activists must be laughing all the way to the shooting range because of these laws.

As the article mentioned, most of these laws have nothing to do with preserving the 2nd Amendment. They go far beyond any question of rights.

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