Friday, March 16, 2012

Pam Galloway leaves trail of trash exiting senate.

Good news; one of the dumbest and more radicalized tea party partisans, Pam Galloway, is quitting the senate. 
jsonline: State Sen. Pam Galloway plans to resign from the Senate shortly, leaving an even split between Republicans and Democrats ... resigning because of health issues in her family.

The recall election against Galloway would still move forward ... Galloway's name will not appear on the ballot if she resigns before the election.
Pam Galloway was a coldly draconian tea party ideologue. She enforced the "simpleton" style of governing; small government and “a return to the constitution,” whatever that meant at the time.

Let's take a look at how she ripped a hole in reality and progress. Here are some of the destructive policies she’s been a party too:
The Concussion Law: Every parent with a child in school went out of their minds over the stunt Sen. Pam Galloway pulled holding up legislation that would protect our kids from sports related concussions. Galloway’ tea party agenda; freedom and liberty mean no rules, no protections, you take your chances and oh, don’t bother me. She chairs the Senate Committee on Public Health, Human Services, and Revenue. Even more egregious; Galloway is a board certified surgeon?

Abstinence Only: Sen. Pam Galloway helped roll back an existing state law that prohibits school districts from teaching abstinence-only sex education programs. Galloway said the new law is intended to give control over curriculum back to local school boards. Like the concussion law, Galloway didn’t like a one size fits all law; "The Healthy Youth Act was a one-size-fits-all approach."

Attended Labor Day Parade: She said she planned to attend a Labor Day parade after organizers backtracked on a ban of GOP lawmakers who did everything they could to destroy labor. Galloway said she planned to attend hoping it will be about families watching a parade -- not politics.
That’s just so dumb it’s hard not to write a few additional nasty things here, but I won't. Let’s continue:
Concealed Carry: State Sen. Pam Galloway is one of the leading authors of the patriotic sounding "constitutional carry" plan for concealed carry. On WPT's Here and Now, Galloway defended having an untrained, uneducated armed citizenry by using the same tactic conservatives came up with for ending public education; it will help minorities. That's right, poor minorities won't be able to afford licensing classes, so any training requirement puts inner city residents as risk of being unarmed. Galloway is doing it to help minorities. How low can these gun hobbyist ghouls go?

The Castle Doctrine: “Law-abiding citizens shouldn't be forced to run away from their own homes when being faced with an intruder, and they certainly should not have to worry about being sued for defending themselves."

Booze in the morning bill: Galloway said she signed on as a co-author of a bill that would allow retailers to sell alcohol two hours earlier than they can now, after hearing from several local grocers who support the measure including the Wisconsin Grocers Association … she doesn't think the two-hour difference will lead to an increase in alcohol abuse. But Everest Metro Police Chief Wally Sparks said changing the time is a bad idea because a correlation exists between availability and incidents involving alcohol. But to Galloway: "I think it will be helpful. I think the health issues brought forward (in Thursday's public hearing) were overstated," she said. "I think it will benefit people and businesses in our district."

Guns in the Capitol: Galloway, author of the concealed weapons legislation, said she would support allowing people to bring guns in the Capitol. Galloway's comment cames after weeks of complaints from Republicans that they have felt unsafe at times because of the ongoing protests over curtailing collective bargaining for public workers.


  1. How in the world did this IDIOT get into office in the first place? Someone was asleep at the wheel in the last election I'm glad someone woke up!! Her stance on women's rights would have driven us back in the 50's !!!

  2. This idiot & numerous others (i.e.Walker) got into office because MANY people were sleeping at the wheel! Let's hope for some more resignations & recalls.
    BTW, Will someone please RECALL VOS!

  3. BTW, talking about idiots, how did this idiot become a doctor (not to mention a politician!). Would you want her operating on you?! She should have her license to practice taken away from her for her stance on The Concussion Law. I know first hand about concussions because I have been recovering from one that I got in 2003 & they can be life altering injuries as is mine.

  4. Hey anonymous, don't be anonymous. Who are you? Calling a medical doctor, breast surgeon, cancer specialist an "idiot" is out of line and without basis. Galloway was doing a super job in Wisconsin, a job that reflected the will of the people voting. When she ran for office, she defeated a Democrat who sat on his laurels, laurels which were not at all appreciated by the voting public. You people need to address issues with specifics instead of all this name-calling and charges without supporting rationale. And oh by the way, Dr. Galloway was a highly respected doctor in Wausau. She got there by working very hard, studying very hard, and producing outstanding results.