Friday, March 23, 2012

Dumb Ron Johnson rejects CBO health care numbers, wants them to "create" new ones.

Dumb Ron Johnson may have discovered a new way to bash the Affordable Care Act, or any legislation he and his fellow tea party Republicans oppose. Get this:
Demand the CBO create numbers for a fictional what-if situation; and then use those fantasy “estimates” to pummel the nonsensical results as though they were real.
We’re not even dealing in reality anymore.
Johnson wrote he doesn't agree with the CBO's recent analysis of the health care law's costs, which included estimates of 20 million employees losing their current coverage … Ron Johnson requested that the CBO provide budget impact estimates for an increased number of Americans who could potentially lose employer-provided health coverage under federal health care reform.

The senators ask the CBO to determine the implications of 30 percent, 50 percent and 100 percent of citizens losing such coverage. "…the American people deserve to know the full range of its potential costs and consequences," the letter states.
 Dumb Ron Johnson is so backward, that he’s conflating estimates with “complete and accurate"…estimates?
"Our goal should be to paint a complete and accurate picture of what our health care system, our federal budget, and our freedoms will look like under PPACA," Johnson said in a statement. "I do not believe it will be a pretty picture." 
What would be better? More uninsured Americans, family bankruptcies, escalating costs from the private sector, and rationing by insurers. That's the free market system Johnson's tea party is pushing.


  1. I'm not sure it's fair to call him dumb. Clueless, though.

  2. Ron Johnson is the puppet of former JS editorial writer Patrick McNo.

  3. It is indeed a tragedy that Wisconisn went from having a senator with powerful influence to idiot RJ who is way over his head.
    Shame on Wisoconsin. We failed to come out to vote. Not this time around!

  4. I tried so may ways to say his name without his official title, and dumb seemed to roll off the tongue, so that's why I will continue to use it...and the fact that his ads and rhetoric to this day are still filled with mistakes only an idiot with parrot.

    I've never given him credit for the office he purchased. It was also an election when the media didn't bother asking him or any Republican candidate anything to difficult or correct errors. So here we are, dealing with dumb Ron Johnson.