Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Interstate Highway System wouldn’t have been built if Republicans and Paul Ryan had their way!!

The Republican Party lacks VISION...that would in turn creates jobs.

Have Republicans no sense of history? Had the government not stepped in to build our rail system initially, and then later our interstate highways, would we still be waiting for the private sector to take the lead? Yes.

That’s just what the Republicans, lead by Paul Ryan, are suggesting, when they came out against transportation and any high speed rail project.
Detroit News: (The) bill would cut transportation spending by a quarter, and would end all high-speed rail funds, saying they have "failed numerous and clear cost-benefit analyses." The budget says the government can't afford the projects. "However worthy some highway projects might be, their capacity as job creators has been vastly oversold…”
When the transcontinental rail system was build, most of those jobs only lasted a few years. What a waste of money, huh?

But here’s the clincher:
“…with the federal government's fiscal challenges making long-term subsidization infeasible, high-speed rail and other new intercity rail projects should be pursued only if they can be established as self-supporting commercial services," the GOP budget proposal says.
Which in the big picture would rule out the interstate system and transcontinental rail system; because even today they continued to drain taxpayer money for maintenance and upkeep?

Penny wise, pound foolish fact for Ryan:
Before the building of the Transcontinental Railroad, it cost nearly $1,000 dollars to travel across the country. After the railroad was completed, the price dropped to $150 dollars.

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