Friday, March 16, 2012

Justice Abuser David Prosser alleged to have violated 3 Provisions of Ethics Code. Rep. Vos accuses Wis. Judicial Commission of Partisan Mission.

Poor conservative activist Justice Prosser. When will everybody stop picking on him. 
jsonline: The Wisconsin Judicial Commission filed formal ethics allegations Friday against Justice David Prosser for a June incident in which he placed his hands on the neck of Justice Ann Walsh Bradley. The commission found Prosser violated three provisions of the ethics code for state judges … One says judges must be "patient, dignified and courteous" to those involved in the court system; another says judges must cooperate with one another; and the third says judges should maintain high standards of conduct to ensure the integrity of the judiciary … 
The current Republican justices have had some major problems:
It is the third time since 2007 that formal ethics charges have been submitted against a Supreme Court justice. Prior to that, it had never happened. The high court reprimanded Justice Annette Ziegler in 2008 for violating ethics rules. The court split 3-3 in 2010 on whether Justice Michael Gableman had violated ethics rules.
But questioning authority, especially this dictatorial crowd, has always been met with denial and denouncement of the accuser. No one, or group in this state, is without suspicion. 
"It seems this organization is on a partisan mission as opposed to a fact-finding one," Rep. Robin Vos (R-Rochester) said of the Judicial Commission.
Liberal Justice Ann Walsh Bradley should never have gotten her neck in Prosser's hands in the first place:
Rep. John Nygren (R-Marinette) also questioned the group's motives and said he feared it was trying to discredit a member of the court's conservative majority. "I'm kind of shocked they're filing a complaint against Prosser but not Justice Bradley," he said.


  1. And the end result? 3-3?

  2. Robin 'security deposit keeper' Vos (what a piece of work this guy is!) & Nygren are just spouting the party playbook lines but if the tables had been turned & it was a Dem Male Supreme Judge choking a Female Republican Supreme Judge there would be no end to their bitching & moaning. Yes the end result will most likely be a corrupted 3-3 vote again but at least they made the effort because "When good people do nothing Evil flourishes!" The Dems have been making good strides in the past 14 months & that obviously wouldn't have happened without good people standing up & doing something.
    BTW, WIll somebody please RECALL VOS! (& ELLIS TOO!)