Friday, March 30, 2012

Voucher's Fail Racine Unified School District. Rep. Robin Vos says give it 5 to 10 years!!

While voucher proponents have tantrums about how flawed the testing results were for Milwaukee Public, charter and voucher schools (they were not), an even more dramatic example of privatization failure is taking place in the Racine Unified School District that cannot be ignored:
Journal Times: Students who attended private schools on vouchers, instead of Racine Unified schools … performed more poorly than their district peers on the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam. In Math, Racine Unified public students averaged 61.5 percent, as opposed to the voucher student average of 50.8 percent proficient or advanced on the WKCE math tests. The statewide average was 78 percent, and for economically disadvantaged students it was 64.7 percent.   
In reading, the private school choice students from Unified averaged 55.7 percent proficient or advanced compared with the district average of 69.2 percent. The statewide average was 81.9 percent proficiency in reading and 70.5 percent for economically disadvantaged students.
When opposite day leader Rep. Robin Vos saw the ridiculously low voucher school student scores, he naturally went into 2X spin cycle mode, taking a shot at…public schools:
Vos: "What these test results prove is that Unified failed them."
Huh? Vos is quick to give the standard explanation for any failed Republicans policy; give it time. You know, the same kind of time they gave Obama to get us out of the Great Recession, or the time Walker gave Gov. Doyle. Like the spiritual medium Tangina in Poltergeist said, “Now hold on to yourselves. [Tangina's tone becomes more cautious] There's one more thing.”
“Those students now have a better chance at a good education. I think it will be five to 10 years before we can consistently say a child who goes to a choice school has a better chance for success.”
It’s also nice to know Vos is willing to sacrifice the kids of proud parents everywhere for an empty political promise that children, not born yet, will do better someday. As for helping poor inner city kids with vouchers:
Unified Superintendent Ann Laing noted the family household income limit to be in the program is $67,000, which she said is considerably greater than the city of Racine family median income.
 Oops, didn’t think anyone noticed that, did you Vos?

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