Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Conservative Talk's Mark Levin Meddling in Wisconsin's Recall Elections. In the words of Andrew Breitbart, “Go to Hell!”

Having been a radio talker myself, I know that many of these on air losers have a limited knowledge base to work from, if you know what I mean. Like the infamous Mark Levin. The magic of radio is that it turns a twerp like Levin into a blathering know-it-all conservative squawk box who suddenly becomes the voice of teatards everywhere.  

Now it looks like the Wisconsin Judicial Commission has to deal with Levin, who heads up the Landmark Legal Foundation. The “foundation” is demanding an “investigation” of the judges who signed the Walker recall petition. Consider the source of this request, from Levin's previous comments as compiled by Media Matters:  
"We Have Been Tormented And Abused " Under The Obama Administration "Far More Than The Colonists Were By The King Of England."

"The Klan's Agenda" And "The Radical Left's Agenda ... Are Pretty Similar."

"God Put Me Here For A Reason ... To Beat The Hell Out Of Liberals."

Levin Connects Obama To "The New Black Panthers," Who "Talked About Killing -- Murdering -- White Babies."

"Obama Can't Stand Us" And "Doesn't Like What Our Ancestors Did."

Conservatives "By Definition Are Enemies of The State. Well, So Be It. It's Us Against Them."

"Obama Has Abused More Children As President Than Any Other President."

Northwestern: (Levin’s group) the Landmark Legal Foundation filed a complaint Tuesday. The judges who signed the petition defend their action as constitutionally protected and not explicitly banned by the Wisconsin Code of Judicial Conduct, which prohibits judges from supporting political parties or candidates but does not specifically mention recall petitions.
The screechy voiced Levin whines…
“This inherently political activity implies that these judges are endorsing, if not promoting, Governor Walker’s recall and calls into question the impartiality and judicial ethics of each signing circuit judge under the Code of Judicial Conduct.” The complaint … is signed by Landmark President Mark Levin. Levin said on his show Tuesday that he was “stunned” to learn 29 judges signed the petition. 
Hey Mark, let me know how your talks with Clarence and Ginny Thomas go about not sitting in on the Affordable Care Act arguments, okay?

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