Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Recall Petitions to Yard Signs, Wisconsinites getting the business for Opposition to Walker.

If signing the recall petition won’t brand you for life, selling your house with a recall Walker sign in it will teach you a bitter lesson; dissent will not be tolerated.
The effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker is a visual one on both sides -- and on lawns across Wisconsin. Political signs may be coming in between real estate transactions and hurting home sales.

Rachel Burke, a Milwaukee Public Schools teacher, said she put her Cooper Park home on the market a year ago and added the "Recall Walker" sign not long after. She said she didn't worry about it driving away potential buyers. "I think that if they really liked the house, it probably wouldn't have dissuaded them from buying the home," Burke said.

Shar Borg, Burke's Realtor, said it's a fine line, and sellers should think twice before planting their politics in the front yard. "Obviously, people have their different political views," Borg said. "I would say in certain areas you maybe want to keep them to yourself if you're a motivated seller."
Knowing that the Wisconsin Realtors Association is a toady for the Walker administration, you gotta know they’ll do anything and say anything to add a little pressure.
Regardless, real estate agents said political signs do play a part in a buyer's decision. "First impressions are really important," Borg said. "When people are buying a house, they're not just buying a house, they're buying a community. They're buying an experience."
And guess what, the recall Walker sign may have attracted just right buyer:
Burke said her home just sold last week. She said the buyer is a teacher who she believes holds her same views.

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