Saturday, March 24, 2012

Police can’t be trusted, Republicans above the law now, victims of unionized law enforcement, says Randy Hopper.

Have we now descended into chaos!!! 

Apparently, laws do not apply to Republicans now, knowing the police and sheriff’s departments are unionized. They can’t be trusted. They have an ax to grind, and payback and vengeance preoccupy their every waking moment. Conservative lawbreakers can now claim liberals are out to get them. Just check the online recall petition site. See previous story:

This isn't the first time Republicans got off scot free; Justice David Prosser, Michael Gableman, Annette Ziegler, Rep. Scott Jensen etc.!

Now we have the ultimate victim and persecuted Republican; Randy Hopper. 
TMJ4: A jury found former state Senator Randy Hopper not guilty of drunk driving. The former state Senator beat a drunk driving case -- because his lawyer argued the charge was a conspiracy built on political revenge. "Honestly, I don't know that I've ever been happier for a client.  What that man has had to endure in the last 12 months is sickening," said Hopper's attorney Dennis Melowski.
Poor baby? 
Last August, Hopper was recalled -- for his support of Governor Walker's collective bargaining bill.  In October, he was arrested for drunk driving.  A couple of citizens tailed Hopper's SUV and called in a drunk driving tip to the Fond du Lac sheriff.

Attorney Dennis Melowski argued those callers were driven by their politics. "Not only did they sign recall petitions, they circulated recall petitions," said Melowski.
Oh no, not that? It looks like Verify the Recall has become the defacto Democratic "black list," for future reference. 

How would the couple have known Randy Hopper owned the SUV or that he was driving it. Yet, the six-woman jury found the recall petition signers and the police department biased, and out to get poor Randy "bed" Hopper.

Jaw dropping stuff. But Hopper isn’t cleared completely just yet:
Circuit Court Judge Robert Wirtz on April 25 will rule on a charge of refusing to take a test for intoxication after arrest. Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Renee Schuster said the pending charge carries a greater penalty against Hopper and can be counted as a prior offense if Hopper were to commit drunken driving in the future. Hopper faces the potential of having his license revoked for a year, as opposed to the six-to-nine-month revocation an OWI carries.


  1. No doubt! The Republicons set a record for displaying above the law actions in their short tenure in Wisconsin.

    No fear though- RANDY will be caught again driving drunk. RANDY will never let his girlfriends drive for him.


    Politically motivated? - wasn't he arrested after he lost his seat?

  2. I love how quickly Republicans can switch from a display of authoritarian dominance to weeeping, aggrieved victim. It's practically Shakespearean.

    Hopper should dry himself out before he kills someone. Or, if he hasn't hit bottom yet and can't bring himself to seek treatment, he should at least use some of his bankroll to hire a driver when he feels the need to get wasted. But, his arrogance probably won't allow it.

    If you are driving drunk you deserve to get busted, regardless of an extenuating circumstances.

  3. This is the same DA who let the President of Blue Cross/Blue Shield cop to operating an aircraft while intoxicated to get out of his OWI.