Sunday, March 18, 2012

Scott Fitzgerald admits to Passing Agenda at "Breakneck Speed" and "Clawing back" years of progress.

It's an amazing thing to say, but under the guidance of Scott Fitzgerald's, Republicans have completely wiped out the last 2 decades of state just one year!! Whatever the Republicans might say about the Democrats ramming their agenda down peoples throats, they'll never credibly be able to make that argument again. Ever. In fact, Fitzgerald admits:
Scott Fitzgerald: "I look back on January 3rd, when the governor gave us that list of special session bills, and we passed those at breakneck speed...and then all heck broke loose at the Capitol with Act 10."
Did he just say that? Heck, a national health care plan like the Affordable Care Act took over a century to put in place. Our state GOP beat that by 99 years when they reversed all of state government in their winner take all mutiny. Or as Scott Fitzgerald puts it, a long awaited "claw-back" of Democratically influence policy.
Scott Fitzgerald: "In our case, it was a claw-back on many years of the tables being tipped one way."
 Like the Republicans didn't control the governorship or one house? From WPT's Here and Now:


  1. Mr. Fitzgerald really seems unable to reflect on the meaning and impact of his words. Wow!

    Add in the false equivalence he gives to January 2012 job numbers (preliminary, of course, as they were in June 2011) and the loss of jobs in the state as part of the greatest recession since the 1930s, and I think that he will not stand a chance against Lori Compas.

    I'd like to see them debate.

  2. Fitzgerald is toast, and he is too stupid to even realize it. The voters in his district have been waiting for a reasonable alternative to his reign of terror. It looks like we have a winner in Ms. Compas. Thank God.